About Us

Step by Step Stories is designed to empower individuals regardless of ability, by supporting teachers, parents and caregivers through videos and interactive lesson activities.

Created by:

  • 2 experienced teachers (one who is also a parent):
    • Over 30 years combined teaching experience in Canada and Europe
    • Mainstream/ Special Education/Gifted/ LD/Media
    • Up to date with current best practices and pedagogy

Our lessons are:

-Specialized in teaching social skills; daily life skills; routines
-Easy to deliver (video lesson; video read along story; skill targeted lessons; online and/or printable assessment)
-Multilingual (English/French/Punjabi)
-Provide real time data

Our program and resources will support:

Parents: Provide skill-based learning to assist parents in introducing Daily Life Skills to their children (ex. how to blow your nose).

Early Childhood Educators: Skills based learning of Everyday Life Skills with assessment-based resources to chart progress.

Special Education/ Mainstream Teachers: Differentiated videos/ lessons based on a strengths-based approach with handy online and printable assessments. In-depth lesson plans/assessment are included.

Retirement Homes: Provide skill-based video learning to assist health-care providers to review Daily Life Skills with their residents (ex. washing your hands).

English as a Second Language learners: Skills based learning of Daily Life Skills with assessment-based resources to chart progress.