Thoughts and Ideas to Support Our Kids Whether They Are In School or Learning Online

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For teachers like ourselves, school officially but unofficially begins this week! Many of us head into our classrooms this week to prep for the first week at school. Today, I made some energy balls to freeze and bought extra fruit and veggies in anticipation of packing my lunch every day.

Let's get started with prepping ideas for families that are sending their children Back To School In Person.

- Timing is key. Start to train your bodies for an earlier start to your day. Use an alarm.

- Do a school week grocery shop and though you are home, test out some of the lunch and snack ideas that you want to try out. Make extras and freeze them.

- The Dollar store is a great place for picking up school supplies. Don't go overboard, but allowing your child to pick 1-3 items will help them to get excited about the year ahead and feel fresh!

For the Online LearnersThis year will be more structured.

- Test out your computer if you have not already done so and make sure that it is working, you are connected to the internet and that you can charge it up when required.

- Organize the files on your computer so that you can store your work properly in one place.

- Set up a work-space to do your work every day. Keep your pencil case and books in one place. If you can, place them in a box or basket so that all your belongings are in one place.

- Get into the habit of changing for the day and having breakfast so that you are ready to work during regular school hours.

- Check your school email every morning at 9am with your parents so you know what to do. Set up a daily schedule for yourself. Check it off as you do your work.

As always, feel free to connect with us for additional support :)

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