Summer Schedules ? ... say WHAAAAT ? ? ?

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It's here even though you may not have opened up the virtual report card that was emailed to you this past week. Check your junk folder if you did not receive it in your inbox because your computer may not have recognized the address. What a school year! What will the summer look like for you and your family? For most of us it seems in theory that the summer will be a time for us to relax and unwind, maybe even look forward to an overnight stay away from home kind of vacation. Over the last few years, the summer my husband and I have been getting used to is not having the kids around us for vacation as they are in school over the regular break. It is good, but it does take some getting used to, when its just two organizing time away, compared to kids and parent vacation time. For those of you with younger children at home, I am sure that you are usually trying to set them up in camps where they can go away and try new experiences. This year it will be different and require different plans.

I don't know about you, but it made a huge difference to plan some unstructured time for me every weekday in the summer ... and also give the kids time alone too! Basically, we would organize our day by sleeping in until around 8 and being down my 8:30. The first week of summer was the junky cereal week. Each of us chose one small box of junky cereal and when it was gone, it was gone. By 9 it was all hands on deck as we tackled a spot in our home that needed desperate de-cluttering. We worked like crazy for two hours with no interruptions including the phone and at 11 we stopped when the timer went off. Items to be given away or taken to the landfill were put immediately in the van. And we would celebrate the small area that we had worked on. After 11am it was time to shower, get ready for lunch and then go out somewhere cheap and cheerful. As you begin to think differently about the way you will be spending your days over the holidays, build in the caffeine breaks and remember that having a sense of wanting a structured day will make a difference in yours and your children's mindset! Take care of yourself!

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