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Stories define us. To know someone well is to know their story – the experiences, hardships and turning points that have shaped the person before you. We share stories of our childhood, our families, our “firsts” and so on. These narratives are profoundly true, engaging and resonate with others.

The stories we tell highlight transitions in our day to day and overall lives. We believe a good story allows us to make successful transitions. For us, daily transitions are important to give us motivation and a sense of accomplishment that lead to lifelong skills. At Step by Step Stories, we share experiences and facts. Lifelong learning is about asking questions, reaching out to others, and being open to different views. Its about acceptance when we fall and having the courage to stand up again.

We’ll start with our story first:

Patricia: “I grew up in Canada with parents who brought with them the traditions, faith and values of their home country. As an educator and parent, I realized the emotional, physical, and educational needs of children, and their parents required a community of diverse caregivers. This is why we created Step by Step Stories, to provide a global platform to communicate and build relationships while teaching everyday skills. We embrace our collective stories with common sense, humour and kindness".

Manjot: “Reflecting on my own experiences, I am a strong believer that diversity is our strength. Being able to help others navigate through everyday transitions and provide guidance irrespective of people’s experiences, limitations and strengths is why we started Step by Step Stories. Building community connections and giving back is what inspires me each day”.

We invite you to submit your questions about education, online learning, parenting advice and beyond to our "Need Advice" section. 

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