Purple Impatiens, Clouds and Natures Call

Posted by Manjot Brar on

A blue sky with a few clouds and a gentle breeze always puts a smile on my face. This morning, it was  more like a sobering reminder of losing touch with nature. Going out into nature, was my way of regenerating and being in tune with my surroundings, which gave me a sense of calm. Rather than taking the time to listen to the birds, watching the clouds and hearing the breeze, I’ve turned to copious amounts of tea, food and television. That’s not to say those things don’t make me smile, but they lack meaning for me. Nature has always been my imaginative escape and comfort. 

This lockdown gave many of us a reality check as to what is important and for others it has fuelled them to pursue their dreams. For me, my own realization came today as I bickered with my mother over a flower pail she wanted to use as a paintbrush holder. That moment for me was symbolic of the pull nature has always had on me. The flower pail representing my desire to reconnect with nature as well as finally confronting my endless stream of excuses as to why I cannot enjoy and appreciate nature.

For a start, this weekend I looked at clouds and admired our new purple impatiens. I finally shifted my perspective, rather than feeling sorry for myself, I need to find ways (amidst a pandemic) to connect with nature.

We can become connected to the world by paying attention to the nature that surrounds us. From wherever we are, allow yourself to get lost in the simple things like watching the night sky.

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  • You are a great writer! Now with summer upon us and plants are in optimal growth mode it’s a beautiful time to connect with nature. I’ve started a new and exciting job this summer where I am focusing on generating educational materials that use outdoor learning and nature to engage middle school aged students with ASD. Step by Step stories has been a good place to help me generate ideas and get started!

    Lauri on

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