Creating Learning Moments

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Cooperative education allows students to use the knowledge they learn and apply it in meaningful ways. As parents and caregivers we teach our children through example and every interaction that we have is an opportunity to build a memory for them to draw on. This happens when we purposefully build in those "teachable moments." Not every part of our day can be full of meaningful conversation and to be fair, for many of our days we are trying to get through our "things to do list." Saving the "fun" stuff for when we are off and on vacation! Using Step by Step Stories can take the thinking out of making everyday moments at home, ones that build communication and ultimately relationships with your children. Children thrive on attention and contributing in a meaningful way to their homes. Taking a few moments to review a worksheet together and then actually doing the activity at home, changes a "chore" into a "memory." Which sometimes may just come up again at a future wedding toast :D

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